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SampleTank 4 offers a massive library of sounds and grooves, with over GB and 8, instrument presets carefully balanced across a wide range of styles, genres and sounds.

It contains over GB of new material assembled from dozens of high-quality recording sessions in cities across the U. The new library features high-end recordings of all-new concert pianos, keyboards, guitars, bass, drums, strings, brass, synths, vocals, percussion and more, all with articulations and round robins for the most realistic performance yet, with oversamples added.

Instrument Demos by Jordan Rudess. Full Songs. After auditioning over pianos, we chose a spectacular Yamaha C7 as our flagship. Meticulously maintained and with a unique warmth and richness of tone, we carefully recorded it with multiple sets of microphones - including binaural mics! New recordings of famous electric piano sounds — tine-based, reed-based and based on FM synthesis — all from perfectly maintained instruments of the most desirable models and years.

A unique sampling process gives you control over the harmonic content so you can tilt the character without touching an EQ. SampleTank 4 adds both studio standards and rare instruments. From a beautiful 5-string P-bass to an unmistakable s California classic to high-end Stick touchboard bass, SampleTank 4 captures a wide range of velocities and articulations — including finger, pick, slap, pull and noise, adding to an already massive low-end collection.

New Modern Brass ensembles offer a more contemporary feel than traditional libraries and unmatched realism. A full range of instruments were carefully recorded with an ear towards capturing the perfect tone for each instrument. Pair these with the wealth of jazz and orchestral instruments also included to cover every style and genre. New marimba, vibraphone, xylophone and glockenspiel have all been recorded with multiple mallet types as well as a pristine vintage clavinet with multiple pickup positions to cover funk, pop, rock and more.

New acoustic drum kits add amazing color and sound with a range of carefully chosen close and room mics, to add the widest range of real drums to your library.

New electric and acoustic guitars surpass our previous libraries to deliver natural, authentic tones. Electric guitars sound amazing, and shine when used with the AmpliTube amp modeling effects included inside SampleTank 4.

And an authentic new Latin library covers classic and modern grooves in a range of styles and rhythms. All the classics are here, including a top-condition tone-wheel organ with all the most famous drawbar settings as well as individual drawbars so you can dial in your own specific sound.

SampleTank 4 also adds the two most famous combo organs, with all the available settings, to complete one of the most comprehensive libraries available. SampleTank 4 expands an already comprehensive library to offer fresh sounds captured from top performers and recorded using the latest techniques for unmatched authenticity.

These new sounds were created to make scoring and sound design for films, TV and video games faster and easier than ever. A new modern string sections offers multiple articulations and deep round robin sampling.

This vibrant new library offers a great contrast with the wealth of orchestral sounds included, and with Miroslav Philharmonik 2. Everything from raw oscillators to searing leads, ultra-fat synth basses and animated and evolving sweeps, pads and atmospheres gives you the latest sounds for any production from cinematic to ambient, from EDM to pop, from jazz to hip hop.

These modern new sounds offer a perfect complement to the existing vintage library in Syntronik. Our DRIFT algorithm that simulates the organic movement of both analog oscillators and acoustic instruments has been expanded in SampleTank 4.

A new Pop Choir delivers a unique, modern sound completely different from the endless stream of concert choirs, to nurture your tracks with soul and style. Every technical aspect is perfect, but we worked tirelessly to capture the passion and humanity of these performances. A new Pop Woodwinds ensemble adds new saxophones Alto, Tenor and Baritoneand a new Flute, accurately capturing even breath and key noise, plus round-robin sampling, for unmatched realism.

This complements the existing orchestral sample set, covering the full range of instruments from contrabassoon to piccolo. All other product names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with IK Multimedia. Use of these names does not imply any cooperation or endorsement.

Universal Audio has neither endorsed nor sponsored IK Multimedia's products in any manner, nor licensed any intellectual property for use in this product. Mac and the Mac logo are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.Now you can purchase, play and edit individual SampleTank 3 instrument collections straight from the SampleTank Custom Shop app with no additional software required. SampleTank Custom Shop is expandable and gives you access to a wide range of additional instrument collections.

Plus, SampleTank Custom Shop gives you the freedom to experiment with a fully functional curated library of 30 high-quality instruments that illustrate SampleTank 3's broad sonic versatility. Want the new stuff? Need new inspiration? You can now purchase, download, play and edit additional instruments from the SampleTank Custom Shop online store.

With SampleTank 3 Custom Shop, you get 30 instruments right from the get go. These include extremely nuanced high-end instruments like Grand Piano 1 SE, a pitch-perfect representation of one of the best German-made concert grands of all time.

You can get extremely experimental with all of these included instruments — SampleTank 3 Custom Shop lets you get wild and creative with its 3 sample engines, 57 high-quality effects, channel mixer and other advanced features. SampleTank 3 Custom Shop's library of free instruments has been carefully curated to show off the astonishing breadth of the full version.

ik library

It gives you everything from lush strings to delicate woodwinds, electric guitars to buzzing synthesizers and a whole lot more. It provides you with an extremely musical, dynamic and naturally versatile instrument that fits perfectly in any style of music from classical to rock and from jazz to soul.

Its state-of-the-art programming and included high-end effects — like its virtual piano lid and true-to-life string and soundboard harmonic resonance — make for a fantastic playing experience that will make you believe you're in the room with one of the richest and most beautiful concert grand pianos of all time.

And you'll also have infinite sound sculpting possibilities thanks to SampleTank 3's immense studio FX collection: Now you're covered for literally all the acoustic piano sounds your productions could ever call for. Also from the Miroslav Philharmonik Virtual Instrument and optimized for SampleTank 3 is this solo flute complete with multiple articulations available for instant access via key switching.

A trio of pop brass instruments that you can use to give your tracks some punch and color. New sessions recorded especially for SampleTank 3 let you have full control of this ensemble from your desktop. Another ensemble recorded especially for SampleTank 3, this group of 2 men and 2 women give you the lush vocal "ooh" pads that will benefit every production. Use the macro controls to adjust the attack and release to dial in exactly the envelope your song needs.

The autopan stereo tremolo and plate reverb effect adds to the richness of this iconic instrument. The classic soulful Wurly electric piano with its unmistakable vintage tone evokes the hits of the 60s, 70s and beyond.

Perfect for comping and grooving, this EP sits in a track like no other instrument. Its resurgence in the 90s has continued to present day, and vintage Wurlys now command top dollar on the used market costing much more than their original new price tag! Load this one up in SampleTank 3 and get the groove started. The Ballad Wurly instrument is a softer, warmer variation voiced for more delicate tracks.

Groovy riffs and comping will flow from your fingers when you hear this vintage beauty and pair it with all the incredible effects that SampleTank 3 has to offer.

Key switching changes between standard picked, fret slide and harmonic articulations. A top-quality Chinese zither played with 6 different articulations available via key switching for startlingly realistic real-time performance.

Уоррен Хьюарт

Bring a bit of old world Asia to your productions! It also works great as a bass in the low register. Try different FX and filters on this one for endless variations.

Ultra-warm filtered sawtooth wave strings with a perfectly dialed-in envelope attack. Both the mod wheel and aftertouch modulate the filter for extra expression. We captured one of the most famous Japanese monster power synths to bring you this awesomely warm and huge pad instrument. Analog VCOs and a signature VCF give this synth sound its characteristic tonality that is distinctly contrasting with the famous American analog synths.

Combined with our faithful C1 Chorus model, this pad comes to life with depth and motion just like you are playing the real thing … only without the service headaches and expense of maintaining a vintage instrument.

From EDM to classic rock to ambient soundscapes, this timeless pad will expand your productions with ease and grace. The BP Sweep instrument puts this analog pad through a modern-sounding bandpass filter for an edgier tonality and spectral motion that evokes a modular synth quality.

We've also included a brass MIDI pattern that works well with this instrument.Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. All fines will continue to be waived. All due dates will be postponed.

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Please, continue to watch here and our facebook page for more information regarding our closing. Jones Abstract Art. His Multi-Colored Abstract Designs are a collection of nature viewed through the mind of an abstract painter.

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ik library

Starting February 21st, the Bookworm Reading Club will meet weekly every Friday at am in the basement. Seuss on Saturday, February 29th at pm We will have fun for all ages! Do you have the luck of the Irish?

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Funny, You Don't Look Autistic is the 21 st selection of this program which began in and takes place three times per year. The free program runs for two weeks and only requires a Lansing Public Library card to get started. Funny, You Don't Look Autistic was published by Annick Press and can be read on all major computers and devices through Libby or libbyapp. The title will automatically expire at the end of the lending period, and there are no late fees.

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Live Chat available: Monday-Thursday a. Lansing Public Library. Phone: Today's Hours Lansing Public Library. Patron Login Log in to your desired institution. Site Search. Search Options Website Catalog.Skip to content IK Multimedia. Musicians First. I'm not looking for a general idea. I would like to know step by step what i should move. Exact folder names Step by step means linear steps, not general ideas please. I want to ssve hard drive space by putting ehat I should on an external drive.

IK Multimedia

Thank you from a new user and purchaser of Sampletank 3 Max. Macbook Pro with latest OS. I want to transfer my SampleTank 3 library and Syntronik to a GB usb drive as I do not have room on my laptop for all the samples. If someone could advise, this would be very useful for others who are searching as well. I am on a late 15" Macbook Pro wanting to transfer samples to GB USB, though I imagine it would be the same instructions for an external hardrive. IK Multimedia. YouTube - Facebook - Twitter Need help?

Our support team will be happy to help and can be reached at this link. What have I done wrong? But ST3 in Main Stage still does not work--same as the stand alone. Not sure, but I think "SampleTank3" name has to be in the path. Maybe it doesn't like external USB as the assigned drive letter may change with every boot? I changed the folder on my usb to SampleTank3 and it read the Syntronik files but still does not load them.

No other ST3 items load or are seen in the stand alone. Good luck! Inside ST3, on left side, below instrument list, just to the right of magnifying glass is a curved arrow. Click on that to re-scan and re-build the ST3 database.

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Hopefully that's all it is I believe you moved at least one folder above that. You may want to have IK Support take a look if the suggestions above do not help as I am not currently on a Mac in order to be more precise about that directory.

One problem though is that in the Syntronik menu on the left, it shows two copies of the instrument like this:.

IK Multimedia SampleTank Custom Shop factory content and NRG library

I have to scroll through all of them on every Syntronik but not Syntronik Free, interestingly to get to the working sounds. Windows does not use them. You might try moving a few into a folder outside the Syntronik one and doing a Rescan.Skip to content IK Multimedia. Musicians First.

ik library

I saved them to my desktop as a workaround, and then collated them into a desktop sub-folder. From there I ran each individual installer to the default location.

I had many failed installation attempts with different libraries, but after over 7 hours of installing - multiple attempts, re-downloading, reboots etc I have got all but one of the sound libraries installed.

However the first sound library will simply not install. Multiple downloads, probably 15 different installation attempts, and all I ever get is this message: "The Mirolslav Philharmonik Sound Content 1 of 16 installation failed.

Unable to copy instruments. I'm pretty unimpressed so far with my new IK Multimedia product. I've submitted a ticket to support and I'm hoping for a quick solution.

I don't want to be told to 'try re-downloading and installing again' though as I think I've rinsed and repeated enough. It looks like the path length for each file becomes longer than some OS limitation probably characters.

I couldn't even delete the files because of that. I succeded by unzipping and installing the files "near the root" of the HD so the path didn't become so long. That is not deep inside many folders. IK Multimedia. YouTube - Facebook - Twitter Need help? Our support team will be happy to help and can be reached at this link.

PeterIK — I've already used the file path workaround as I described at the start of the first post — I extracted the zipped content to my desktop, moved the contents to a folder on my desktop, then ran the installer for each part from there to the default location.

That worked for 15 of the 16 sound content libraries. However Part 1 of 16 refuses to install. What Mastrid is referring to is a different issue — that of running the installer from such a desktop folder location.In keeping with the University of Kentucky's commitment to reduce risks associated with the novel coronavirus, all public library spaces on campus are CLOSED.

UK Libraries is now operating on an online service delivery model. UK Libraries has shifted to an online service delivery model due to the temporary closing of campus library locations. E-Mail: mclib uky. Address: William R. Lexington, KY UK faculty, staff and students use their UK Wildcard as their library card. Persons not affiliated with UK may obtain a library card if they are 18 years of age and present a valid Kentucky driver's license or a valid non-driver ID.

If a book, journal, or audiovisual you need is checked out, you may place a hold on it so that when it is returned to the Medical Center Library it will be held at the User Services desk for you. You will be notified when it is available.

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Stop by on Zoom between the hours of 12 p.

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