Drupal 8 get menu id

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It only takes a minute to sign up. See the Drupal class. Note that the current user is not the user entity, it is just user proxy.

You can get some basic information from it but fields or other entity-specific logic is not present. To access the user entity you have to load it manually:. Example of how to load current user and retrieve field data from user object. However, DI isn't very intuitive and takes a while to understand. How you get the service into your object constructor depends on what the object actually is in Drupal e.

There's more information on DI in Drupal 8 in the d.

drupal 8 get menu id

However, it'd be misleading to add this class method without any further discussion. The class method is not used by any services you register via a module's mymodule. It's only ever useful for injecting into non-service classes; for example:. This isn't the place to expand too much on dependency injection, but further information about the ::create method is available on this blogpost. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

How do I get the user ID for the currently logged-in user? Ask Question. Asked 4 years, 10 months ago. Active 7 months ago. Viewed 49k times. I want to get current user object user information in Drupal 8. Yuseferi Yuseferi Active Oldest Votes. User roles can be accessed without loading user entity. It's only ever useful for injecting into non-service classes; for example: creating a custom form: you must declare you implement ContainerInjectionInterface so that the container knows to look for ::create.

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Count with us as we will be writing a Drupal 8 related blog post every day for the next 8 days. We'll first get into the basics of creating and placing menu links in Drupal 8 and then cover the topic of dropdown menus. Here you find a listing of menus installed on your website. There may be other menus in your website, but there is one menu that is more important than all others because it links to your most important pages and is placed at the top of your page.

This will take you to an overview of the links in your main menu. If you just installed the Drupal 8 default installation profile this menu will only contain the Home link. If you installed one of the Glazed Theme demos the main menu will contain a number of links already.

Drupal 8 Links Administration. Here you can add, edit, and delete links. You can also change the order of links by dragging the move icon at the left hand side of the table. For the menu link title fill in the link text that you want to appear in your main menu.

In the link field you can add an internal path, or an external URL. With the weight option in the end of the form you can tell Drupal to place new menu items to the front or the back of the menu. For example you can add a weight of 10 to you Contact link because you typically want that link to appear in the end of the menu.

The other optionsnot important now and they'll be covered in the next section when we talke about dropdown menus. Dropdown menus are a popular solution when you want site visitors to be able to reach a large number of pages in a single click.

One such situation is in the main demo website of our Glazed Theme and Glazed Builder products.

Drupal 8 get menu id

We know people want to explore the elements and features that are offered to we organize close to a menu items all in the main navigation. There are generally 2 different paths to get a dropdown menu in your Drupal website: From your theme or from a module. If you use our Glazed Theme you have a dropdown menu system built into the theme.

If you use a theme that doesn't support dropdown menus like Drupal's default theme and you don't want to code it yourself, you can rely on a module like SuperFish. With the flick of a switch you can have a horizontal menu or a vertical menu. It supports multi-level menus by automatically creating a megamenu for large devices and collapsing into a beautiful vertical menu on small devices. The menu's design is customizable in the Glazed Theme Settings system.Step 1: An essential part of a Drupal 8 module, theme, or install profile is the.

It overtakes the core default widget for menu link content entitiesIn this tutorial, we will deal with the Drupal 8 Form API and create a settings form for the module. I have custom filter code to select Date and list Project ID: A menu item in Drupal's menu system, so that it can be accessed from the admin menu.

From the list of existing menus, find the one you want to work with and click on the down arrow next to the Edit Menu option. I'm trying to import user data from a JSON file. You can match this ID against known menu items to perform the appropriate action.

In this module, we have the advanced options to add the various anchor tags in the webpage. From the top menu select the Menu option. Select "Place block".

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Alright, by now you should have a basic understanding of how to get around Drupal. The next step would be to retrieve the user ID.

So far I've managed to import user entities with some fields. Define functions that alter the behavior of Drupal core. The code I wrote is the following one.

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Get nodes from a query: get multile nodes values using query and loop, execute other activities for this node. Providing module-defined local tasks. But it's been removed in Drupal 8.

As many of you already know, the Views module was added to Drupal 8 Core. I agree that this module is essential to every site. Outline your proposal. This adds lots of little pieces of discrete data to where the node is stored. Local tasks are what generate the tabs on top of pages up to two levels. How to resolve striping of html tags while sending custom email programatically in Drupal 8. In this article I want to talk a bit about menu links and show you how powerful the new system is compared to Drupal 7.

Local tasks are groups of related routes. A secondary menu will appear just under the first. We have already created modules for displaying the page and block, let's now create a configuration form in which we will store data for connecting to a conditional service. Similarly, it runs update. Buy music and movies from the iTunes Store. Generally, the Stock Market Data API is used to fetch the stock information from the exchanges and display real-time data on the web application.

Creating a custom entity type programmatically in Drupal 8. Whether you're updating from Drupal 6 or Drupal 7, or importing data from some other source, you need to know about the migrate system in Drupal core. There is no more EntityFieldQuery, but there's an entity. Drupal core offers a way to define default values to menus with wildcards, it is theThis is a component within the Drupal 8 core taxonomy module. Normally the solution is to add the CSS to the theme, but many environments are locked down and the site owners don't have access to the files.

Sign in to view. Similarly we can load file by id and get its contents like thisMENU.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I am trying to display menu description below Menu title in drupal 8.

I have created menu--main. How can I achieve this in drupal 8? Learn more. Display description below menu item in drupal 8 Ask Question. Asked 4 years, 6 months ago. Active 2 months ago. Viewed 2k times. Priyanka Chavan. Priyanka Chavan Priyanka Chavan 11 3 3 bronze badges. Active Oldest Votes. Matsepura 1, 1 1 gold badge 17 17 silver badges 23 23 bronze badges.

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drupal 8 get menu id

Jennifer Schneider discusses the types and consequences of cybersex addiction. Has locations in New York, California, Texas, and North Carolina.

Last updated: October 2017.

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These may include: Restlessness Anger or irritability Difficulty concentrating Sleep problems Craving access to your smartphone or other device Are you addicted to your smartphone. Has your smartphone use become a problem. Take this test to find out. Smartphone Addiction Test 1. Do you lose track of time when on your phone. Do you spending more time on your phone than talking to real people face-to-face.

Do you wish you could be less connected to your phone. Do you regularly sleep with your smartphone ON next to your bed. Are you reluctant to be without your smartphone, even for a short time.By default, only the 20 most recent datasets will be returned.

You can get your list of datasets directly in your browser using your own username and API key with the following links. You can also paginate, filter, and order your datasets. Imagine, for example, that you collect data in a hourly basis and want to create a dataset aggregrating data collected over the whole day. So you only need to send the new generated data each hour to BigML, create a source and a dataset for each one and then merge all the individual datasets into one at the end of the day.

We usually call datasets created in this way multi-datasets. You can merge multi-datasets too so basically you can grow a dataset as much as you want. The example below will construct a new dataset that is the concatenation of three other datasets. However, there can be cases where each dataset might come from a different source and therefore have different field ids.

The first one would define the final dataset fields. Those will be the default resulting fields, together with their datatypes and so on. Then we need to specify, for each of the remaining datasets in the list, a mapping from the "standard" fields to those in the corresponding dataset.

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In our example, we're saying that the fields of the second dataset to be used during the concatenation are "000023", "000024" and "00003a", which correspond to the final fields having them as keys.

In the case of the third dataset, the fields used will be "000023", "000004" and "00000f".

Drupal 8 Menu Tutorial And How To Create Dropdown Menus | 8 Days To Drupal 8 | Day 8

The optypes of the paired fields should match, and for the case of categorical fields, be a proper subset. If a final field has optype text, however, all values are converted to strings. The next request will create a multi-dataset sampling the two input datasets differently. Each entry maps fields in the first dataset to fieds in the dataset referenced by the key. Setting this parameter to true for a dataset will return a dataset containing sequence of the out-of-bag instances instead of the sampled instances.

See the Section on Sampling for more details. Each value is a number between 0 and 1 specifying the sample rate for the dataset. Basically in those cases the flow that BigML. See examples below to create a multi-dataset model, a multi-dataset ensemble, and a multi-dataset evaluation. We apply the term dataset transformations to the set of operations to create new modified versions of your original dataset or just transformations to abbreviate.Kendall tau is equivalent to the Spearman R statistic with regard to the underlying assumptions.

It is also comparable in terms of its statistical power. However, Spearman R and Kendall tau are usually not identical in magnitude because their underlying logic, as well as their computational formulas are very different. Siegel and Castellan (1988) express the relationship of the two measures in terms of the inequality:More importantly, Kendall tau and Spearman R imply different interpretations: While Spearman R can be thought of as the regular Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient as computed from ranks, Kendall tau rather represents a probability.

Specifically, it is the difference between the probability that the observed data are in the same order for the two variables versus the probability that the observed data are in different orders for the two variables. Kendall (1948, 1975), Everitt (1977), and Siegel and Castellan (1988) discuss Kendall tau in greater detail.

drupal 8 get menu id

Two different variants of tau are computed, usually called taub and tauc. These measures differ only with regard as to how tied ranks are handled. In most cases these values will be fairly similar, and when discrepancies occur, it is probably always safest to interpret the lowest value.

The Gamma statistic is preferable to Spearman R or Kendall tau when the data contain many tied observations.

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Thus, Gamma is basically equivalent to Kendall tau, except that ties are explicitly taken into account. Detailed discussions of the Gamma statistic can be found in Goodman and Kruskal (1954, 1959, 1963, 1972), Siegel (1956), and Siegel and Castellan (1988).

Multiple response variables or multiple dichotomies often arise when summarizing survey data. The nature of such variables or factors in a table is best illustrated with examples. As part of a larger market survey, suppose you asked a sample of consumers to name their three favorite soft drinks. Also, a wide variety of soft drinks will most likely be named. The next question is how to enter the responses into a data file. Suppose 50 different soft drinks were mentioned among all of the questionnaires.

This method of coding the responses would be very tedious and "wasteful. Alternatively, we could set up three variables, and a coding scheme for the 50 soft drinks.

Then we could enter the respective codes (or alpha labels) into the three variables, in the same way that respondents wrote them down in the questionnaire. To produce a table of the number of respondents by soft drink we would now treat Resp. Note that the counts in the first column of the table do not add up to 500, but rather to 842.

For example, referring back to the sample listing of the data file shown above, the first case (Coke, Pepsi, Jolt) "contributes" three times to the frequency table, once to the category Coke, once to the category Pepsi, and once to the category Jolt. The second and third columns in the table above report the percentages relative to the number of responses (second column) as well as respondents (third column).

Thus, the entry 8. Suppose in the above example we were only interested in Coke, Pepsi, and Sprite. As pointed out earlier, one way to code the data in that case would be as follows: COKE PEPSI SPRITE. In other words, one variable was created for each soft drink, then a value of 1 was entered into the respective variable whenever the respective drink was mentioned by the respective respondent.

In a sense, we "compact" the three variables Coke, Pepsi, and Sprite into a single variable (Soft Drink) consisting of multiple dichotomies. All of these types of variables can then be used in crosstabulation tables. For example, we could crosstabulate a multiple dichotomy for Soft Drink (coded as described in the previous paragraph) with a multiple response variable Favorite Fast Foods (with many categories such as Hamburgers, Pizza, etc.

As in the frequency table, the percentages and marginal totals in that table can be computed from the total number of respondents as well as the total number of responses. For example, consider the following hypothetical respondent: Gender Coke Pepsi Sprite Food1 Food2 FEMALE 1 1 FISH PIZZA This female respondent mentioned Coke and Pepsi as her favorite drinks, and Fish and Pizza as her favorite fast foods.

In the complete crosstabulation table she will be counted in the following cells of the table: Food. FEMALE MALE COKE PEPSI SPRITE COKE PEPSI SPRITE X X X X 2 2 This female respondent will "contribute" to (i. Paired Crosstabulation of Multiple Response Variables.

A unique option for tabulating multiple response variables is to treat the variables in two or more multiple response variables as matched pairs. Again, this method is best illustrated with a simple example.

Suppose we conducted a survey of past and present home ownership.

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